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Grand Prize1917

Ambrosia Creamery Opens its Doors!

Alfred Morris opens his new dried milk factory in Lifton, Devon - calling it Ambrosia, meaning “food from the Gods”.

The first product is a dried milk for infants, although one of the earliest orders is from the War Office to help feed soldiers in WW1

Grand Prize1932-7

New Successes, and a Growing Range

In 1932 Ambrosia introduces tinned cream to the market, it quickly becomes a leading brand. 1937 sees the launch of Ambrosia Creamed Rice Pudding, which has remained a flagship product to the present day. Alfred dies in 1936 passing on the business to his son Oscar.

1932 7
Grand Prize1939

Joining the War Effort!

Ambrosia plays its part in World War II, by sending its dried milk for ‘National Dried Milk’  to feed children during rationing, when many mothers were working in factories. Working with the War Office, Creamed Rice Pudding is included in Red Cross food parcels for prisoners of war.

Grand Prize1956

Spreading the word

As restrictions lift after the war, demand for luxury products increase, Ambrosia places its first ever advert featuring Creamed Rice Pudding. To keep pace with demand a new larger factory is built on the original site at Lifton.

Grand Prize1969

Made In Devon

Ambrosia launches the first canned Devon Custard, it quickly becomes a brand leader. One of its main selling points is that it is made in Devon using local milk, this fact later becomes immortalised in the slogan ‘Devon knows how they make it so creamy’.

Grand Prize1980

New Technology, New Products!

Investment in new equipment allows Ambrosia custard to be sold in convenient cartons as well as cans for the first time, low fat rice pudding is also added to the range.

Grand Prize2003

Ambrosia acquired by Premier Foods. 

After changing owners several times, Ambrosia is finally acquired by Premier Foods where it remains one of Premier’s biggest brands to this day, with Ambrosia Rice and Custard products remaining a mainstay of the company’s range.

Grand Prize2009-15

New Products, Flavours and Pots! 

Launch of Mini Custard and  Rice for the first time alongside new, modern flavours and convenient new pots.

2009 15
Grand Prize2016

An exciting year for Ambrosia!

Ambrosia launches its new deluxe custard - Ambrosia’s most luxurious custard yet. The brand also goes into the freezer for the first time with the launch of Ambrosia Frozen Custard!

Grand Prize2017

100 years of Ambrosia, 100 possibilities!  

As Ambrosia approaches its centenary year it can reflect on a proud history and look forward to another exciting 100 years - the future looks happy for Ambrosia!